Contemporary Education


A way of being more connected to the present and the future through shared experiences in a pleasant and playful way.

Ecology and Recycling, Virtual Reality Design, 3D scanner, 360 ° design , 3D Photography.

Cyborgism, Contemporary Education
Ecology & Recycling


You can be influential and take responsibility by offering an informative talk about the most urgent issues of today: ecology, recycling, innovation.
These conferences are presented from the view of two groups, for people specialized in the subject and for people who are totally unaware of the subject.
The research and papers are supported by the National University of Lanus of Argentina, and the Commission of Scientific Investigations of Argentina.



The 3D Scanner is the beginning of the new form of image display where it can be rotated, enlarged, viewed from different perspectives, and may even contain extra information. This clearly offers a new step of progress in the technological development of the image.
Over time, the flat visualization of the images will remain in the history of the 20th century.
I invite you to know this future of "The Interactive Image".


The possibilities within the brand are innovative, eye-catching, super-prominent and are often high-impact experiences for anyone of any age.
In terms of ideas, you can digitalize a product, invite users to draw in virtual reality with a specific theme, you can model the product in 3D and take an immersive tour.
I propose this creative branding in laboratory, performance, or active installation format.
The activities can be carried out in festivals, laboratories, museums, shopping centers, among others.